Re-Setting Permissions

For whatever reason, your pc is saying you dont have permissin to change the files name. Here are some instructins showing you how to "take" control so you can fix your own PC. Keep in mind that the pictures here of my dialog boxes may look different than yours, also as we move through the different pages getting you your permission...the dialog boxes will stack-up; when clicking "OK" and backing out of each one... verify that there is no more on that page to do by checking the instructions here...don't rush this.

1. Right click on the file you need to change the permission on and from the menu choose [Properties].

2. In the dialog box below, click the [Security] tab.

3. Highlight the account you wish to work with and click the [Advanced] button.
Notice there are only Read and Execute tics (limited permissions).

4. Choose the account you want to give the permissions to (one-click to highlight) then click the [Edit] button.


5. Once again, verify that your correct account is chosen and click the [Edit] button in the middle.
Make sure the tic is in the box in the bottom corner to inherit permissions

6. You should see a box like below.

7. Tic the top box in the Permissions area...this will auto-tic all the boxes. Now click [OK]
You may need to click [Apply] on the page you were just on after you click [OK]

8. If this box then pops "Yes"

9. If all went right, all your tics should be under Permissions now (except Special Permissions).
Click [OK]. You can now complete your file changes.

You can just click your back button or click here to return to the Password Rest Instructions.